Memorial Springs
MSHOA New Projects
Posted on May 19th, 2020

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we are having this week! 
It is with great excitement that we announce that the new sidewalk is expected to begin if weather permitting. 
We ask that even refrain from entering the work area until a notice is sent of completion. We have several stages of this project and
property owner's safety is our number one priority. 
In February the MSHOA board approved for the pool to have several face lifts done. Unfortunately the pandemic
pushed these projects back several months. We have now received the green light to move forward. Starting next week your
pool will have all tiles replaced with new updated tiles. We were hoping to have the new baby pool pergola installed as well
however the manufacturer is unable to have the structure delivered for several weeks. At this time the pool will remain closed 
until the tile work is completed. We expect both adult swim and regular swim season to open up the first week of June. We will possibly have
to close one or two days in June to have the pergola installed however we will update everyone once that date gets closer.
The back entrance monument will be replaced this week. You will notice a brand new design. We hope that this design will not only
add to the overall look but also be a little more sturdy. The new sign will
just be the beginning of the monument updates to come in the future. 
The next MSHOA board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 23rd. We will be conducting this meeting at the
MSHOA pool area and we ask that all attendees bring their own chair. We will also request that everyone practice social
distancing by remaining 6 feet from those individuals that do not reside in your home. The closed session will begin at 6pm with open session to
begin at 7pm. If you have a personal matter to discuss with the board please email Jennifer at no later than Jun 17th so
that your name can be placed on the agenda.
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